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A message from Chris Dalton - CEO

jobmate is about the self-employed and small business. Why us, you may ask? Simply my career has spanned from being an apprentice mechanic to owning a small consultancy company in logistics to being the Managing Director of a Fortune 500 company. I have been at both ends of the spectrum. My family owned a small business so there is a special place in my heart for them! And I want to help!

jobmate has over 500 private investors, raising over £1million in the last 18 months. Our investors also believe in the small business and are supporting them by being part of jobmate.

The small business is constantly struggling to keep up with larger organisations who have the money to invest in what is known as enterprise software (this is bespoke software developed to run their company).

Today the small business must compete, maintain an image, meet customer expectations in communication and professionalism. Besides, the pressure to keep legal compliance as it moves quickly to the digitalisation of transactions and tax (MTD - Making Tax Digital) targeted for April 2023 in the UK. The cost of digitalisation and the learning curve can be massive for a business.

jobmate is levelling the playing field between the large and the small; our mission is:

To remove the administration hassle of job management for small businesses so that they can focus on what they do best.

Meet Our Team

About Chris Jobmate

Chris - Chief Executive Officer

With over 30 years of board-level experience, operating in a multitude of environments, Chris is the driving force behind jobmate. Previously the Managing Director of a Dover Inc. NYSE - Fortune 500 subsidiary he’d seen digital business management software in action and knew this was the solution for helping small businesses achieve greater success.

Chris now brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to the continued development of jobmate software, always striving to help improve the day-to-day activities of the small business owner.

About Mike jobmate

Mike - Chief Commercial Officer

Mike’s 25-year career has offered a breadth of exposure to both private and public boardrooms across a number of business sectors. Having headed up business advertising development, with a national agency at the forefront of the digital arena, he’s passionate about software and the benefit it brings to the small business sector. Mike stays in constant contact with our subscribers and a pool of self-employed individuals, across a multitude of industries, to ensure jobmate software always provides much-needed, functional solutions.

About Wendy Jobmate

Wendy - Chief Operating Officer

Previously a Director of a Dover Inc NYSE - Fortune 500 subsidiary Wendy has held senior positions throughout a career that has crossed several industry sectors, nationally and internationally. For the last ten years, she has focused on turnarounds and project management, as a consultant within private, public, and corporate business sectors. Wendy brings her abundance of experience to understanding how jobmate’s features and functions work, ensuring they are thoroughly tested and successful in the “real world”.

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