Nice To Meet You..

welcome to team jobmate

Here at jobmate we have all started up and run small businesses. The jobmate team understand the operational and management pressures involved with starting your own business and keeping everything under control.

We are all passionate about putting together software that helps simplify those necessary supporting processes and makes life easier for the client as the days go on.

Therefore, we love supporting David as he takes on Goliath,
giving you the tools to compete.

About Chris Jobmate

Chief Executive Officer

Chris has been around the block, collecting T-shirts as he goes. He came up with the jobmate concept and is the driving force behind making jobmate the product it is today. He's a details guy, loves his family, pets, boat and Harley – you’ll have to ask him if the list is in the correct order.

About Mike Jobmate

Chief Commercial Officer

Mike puts his mature looks down to a very tough Sunday paper round as he’s really only 25… honest! He looks after the sales and marketing functions and is first with his hand up for any social engagements. A very chatty man – don’t get trapped with him or he’ll make your ears bleed about his rugby, golf and cycling.

About Wendy Jobmate

Chief Operating Officer

Wendy is the caring one in the team, helping out at local animal shelters and other charity organisations. She is the project management guru who keeps us on the straight and narrow. Passionate about all things family, pets (5 cats and 2 dogs) and music (we think she moonlights as a roadie!)