Business management software

Can Business Management Software Transform Your Business?

Business management software

Can Business Management Software Transform Your Business?

Can business management software really transform your business?

It's a bold claim but the benefits of swapping paper-based processes for digital ones will get your operations running smoothly.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Smith, recently shared 3 ways in which business management software, like jobmate, can introduce you to a simpler way of actioning the tasks you've been doing for years.

Check them out below...

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Preparing Quotes

Business management software, like jobmate, stores all your business information in a secure cloud area. Customer details, stock items & parts, costs, payment terms, terms & conditions... It's the equivalent of carrying around a massive filing cabinet in your back pocket.

Being able to access this information from wherever you are means you can quickly, and easily generate a professional-looking quote. And you can do it in under 60 seconds!

Therefore, in a single minute, you've impressed a potential customer with a quick, professional service. As a result, you've increased your chances of winning business. You've produced an accurate quotation. Consequently, reducing time-consuming and costly errors. You've spent less time on paperwork. Therefore, giving yourself more time for paid work.

Tracking Expenses

As funny as it may seem, a shoebox full of receipts is a reality for many self-employed people. And it's a headache just waiting to happen. Even if you're careful not to misplace a receipt or two! Once the receipts pile up, keeping track of what was spent on what job becomes near impossible.

And this is where business management software takes away the pain. There are lots of expense recording apps out there, but jobmate takes it a step further by allowing you to connect an expense receipt to a specific job.

So, not only does it remove the need for finding physical space to store mountains of receipts, jobmate captures your costs in real-time. Consequently, making invoicing more accurate. Most importantly, giving you a clear picture of your outgoings against income!

Raising Invoices

Possibly the biggest frustration of being self-employed is late customer payments! Firstly, it has a negative impact on your cash flow. Secondly, having to chase customers multiple times, uses resources that could be spent elsewhere. And that's before we've even considered the extra stress the situation causes.

You don't have to be an accountant to figure this one out! The quicker an accurate invoice is put in front of a customer the better the chance it has of being paid. Hopefully on time, or (sharp intake of breath) before the deadline!

Whilst business management software can't force your customers into making the payment, it can make the process much easier for them. With jobmate, you simply mark the job as done, check the invoice over, and hit send. All potentially from the driveway as you leave the happy customer basking in the glow of seeing a job well done.

There are so many aspects to running a successful business. Why would you not want the support of small business management software? As a result of having all the details stored in one place, accessible from anywhere, everything becomes easier. Firstly, your operations are more efficient. Secondly, your administration is simplified. Furthermore, your gaining back time. To spend as you will.

Are you ready to see how jobmate can benefit you and your business? Start our 14 Day Free Trial today. No commitment. No cost. No credit card is required.