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How Business Management Software Helps You Keep Control

If we were to list the common traits of small business owners, what would it include? Self-motivation possibly? Passion? Independence? And what if we were to look at the motivators behind those traits? Well, a desire for control would definitely be one.

Firstly, control over how they spend their time. Secondly, control over their income. Finally, control over the quality of the job and the service they deliver.

But with this, comes huge responsibility.

Running a business involves a dizzying number of essential tasks... making sales, completing admin, managing the accounts, keeping on top of purchasing, controlling payroll, providing customer service, taking responsibility for IT... to name but a few!

And, the smaller the business the fewer people there are to share this load. For the self-employed, there's no one else to share it!

Whilst necessary, all these tasks can pose a bit of a problem when it comes to keeping control.

So, how do you stay on top of all the tasks?

One option is to obsessively work all hours. In fact, a recent study estimated that small business owners work, on average, an extra 25.8 days per year (compared to their employed counterparts).

Whilst this is a reality for many, it's not a sustainable option.

There's a better way - business management software.

No longer reserved for those with a large budget, and an even larger IT support team! Digital solutions, like jobmate, have taken the best bits of corporate software solutions and transformed them into a flexible, easy-to-use, affordable package.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Smith, recently shared the ways in which business management software helps small business owners stay in control...

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Did you know jobmate can help you stay in control?​

Set up with the sole purpose of helping other small businesses, and the self-employed, secure their future success. Today, small businesses have to compete with larger organisations. They need to maintain an image, meet customer expectations in terms of communication and professionalism, and keep up with the ever-changing face of legal compliance.

At jobmate we're here to help level the playing field between the large and small. Our mission is to remove the hassle and stress of job management and business administration, so small businesses can focus on what they do best.

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