Self-employed woodworker talking on phone whilst using laptop

How To Improve Your Customer Communication

Self-employed woodworker talking on phone whilst using laptop

How To Improve Your Customer Communication

Customer communication... if you're self-employed or running a small business you definitely provide it. But, is it up to scratch? And could you find ways to improve it?

Happy customers are the lifeblood of any business, and we all know their importance! After all, customers don't tend to be customers very long if you don't put a smile on their faces.

Ensuring you communicate in a quick, clear, and concise way often plays a big part in keeping customers satisfied.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Smith, recently shared how business management software, like jobmate, can help streamline your customer communication. Ensuring you impress both existing, and potential customers...

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Tailor Their Experience

All customers are unique, right? Some want to know every last, little detail about the job. On the other hand, others just want you to get on with it! One customer will want an itemised invoice. The next, just a summary of the work completed. Therefore, it's important to ensure you tailor your communications to the individual customer.

But surely a "one-size-fits-all" approach is far easier to manage?

Who has the time to make each quote or invoice fit each customer's wants?!

With jobmate - you do!

Business management software gives you complete control over all your business information. And with that control, comes options. With just the touch of a button you decide how much, or how little information to pass back to your customer. So, whatever camp your customer falls into, you'll be able to meet their needs.

Don't Keep Them Waiting

It goes without saying that the longer you keep a customer waiting, the higher the chance they'll start looking elsewhere. Lose the customer, because you weren't quick enough off the mark, and you don't just lose one job. Consequently, you lose the chance of repeat business.

With business management software, like jobmate, you can create professional-looking documents in minutes. Much quicker than using a paper-based system. And, you can generate them from wherever you are. No need to wait until you get back to the office. Furthermore, with the press of a button you've sent the information to your customer. No more typing out individual emails and forgetting to attach the document!

In 30 minutes or less, you've taken an enquiry, actioned the task, and replied to the customer! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Give Them Options

Customers love choices! But choices inevitably lead to changes. And changes can lead to confusion. Which is the last place you'll find a happy customer.

So, what do you do?

Stop allowing your customers to make choices, and risk them finding another business that will? Or continue to let them have a choice and run the risk of crossed wires and misunderstandings?

Neither situation sounds great!

The trick is to keep track of those changes and ensure the customer is always fully informed. jobmate's business management software tracks every change made. As well as keeping a digital record of the customer's approval.

Leaving your customer with a smile on their face, not a look of confusion.

When it comes to keeping customers happy, communication is key. But it has to be consistent if that happy state is to be maintained.

Are you ready to see how jobmate can automate your communications whilst, at the same time, being flexible enough to fit around your daily tasks? Start your 30 Day Free Trial today. No commitment. No cost. No credit card required.