Meet the Team

We’ve been around a bit – but what drew us together was a passion for doing something good for small businesses. We love supporting David as he takes on Goliath.

Meet the Team

We’ve been around a bit – but what drew us together was a passion for doing something good for small businesses. We love supporting David as he takes on Goliath.

We passionately want to help and think we have the team to do it.

Chris – (Le Grande Fromage)

or his Sunday name - Christopher Lateu Dalton

CEO (Founder and shareholder)

Chris has 30 years of experience at board level operating in family, private, public, and corporate environments. He was previously Managing Director of a Dover Inc. NYSE – Fortune 500 subsidiary and has a wealth of experience in business operations and finance, particularly in road transport, petroleum, and IT sectors nationally and Internationally.
He’s the details guy, Loves his family, pets, boat and Harley – You’ll have to ask him if the list is in the correct order.

Mike – (The Posh Jock)

or his Sunday name - Michael William Openshaw Smith

Chief Commercial Officer (Founder and shareholder)

With 25 years of experience across logistics, direct response advertising and technology solutions, Mike’s career has offered a breadth of exposure to both private and public boardrooms.  Mike has headed up direct response advertising business development at a national agency that was at the forefront of growth in the early digital marketing arena, and which became a top-five UK agency for both Google and Yahoo.
A very chatty man – don’t get trapped with him or he’ll make your ears bleed about his rugby, golf, cycling or iron man exploits

Wend – (The Cat Lady)

or her Sunday name - Wendy Dalton

Chief Operating Officer

Wendy’s career has crossed several industry sectors nationally and internationally.  She has held senior positions in procurement, project management and manufacturing, and was a Director of Dover NYSE  – Fortune 500 subsidiary. For the last ten years, she has focused on turnarounds and project management as a consultant within the private, public and corporate business.
Passionate about all things family, Pets (4 cats and 2 dogs) and Music (we think she moonlights as a roadie with the amount of concerts she goes to)

Dave – (Sarge)

or his Sunday name - David Sargent

Trade & training Consultant

Dave has spent a great deal of his career working within the training industry, starting life in the armed forces and after 13 years, made the decision to gain some practical trade skills and experience out on civvi street. Dave spent several years working within both domestic and non-domestic sectors, ranging from installation work, through to service/maintenance and breakdown. The training world soon began to take hold once again as Dave began working as a trainer/assessor and finding his way into management as the head of commercial trade training at a leading College. This provides Jobmate with consultancy knowledge for both training and trades.
When Sargeant Sargent isn’t whipping the trainees into shape, strumming his guitar or getting lost up a mountain, he likes nothing better than hitting the gym early so he can get into the peak physical condition required to stay on top of all the DIY requests round the house.

Mark – (Mark)

or his Sunday name - Mark Cassar

Head of Development

Mark founded and is currently the Managing Director of CasaSoft Ltd. for the past 15 years. Casasoft (, is a leading award-winning Maltese ISO 9001 certified software & web development agency. Mark strongly believes in quality and high level of service, which led him to obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification for CasaSoft Ltd. in 2017.
Mark talks and types so quickly he is often caught answering questions before they are even asked.  He lives in Malta and loves swimming and squash.  He does everything so quickly we would love to see him to do both at the same time.

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