Three people sit around a table, working. They have a laptop on the table, and are holding their mobile phones. We are announcing our new Website

The ‘mates are crowdfunding!

The ‘mates are crowdfunding!

Exciting things are afoot at jobmate HQ. The ‘mates are crowdfunding using Crowd cube.

Crowd cube aims to ‘To fuel the next generation of businesses who want to leave a mark on the world.

We certainly understand that sentiment! We want to work with small businesses, helping them to take care of the day to day admin tasks of running a business, which are not revenue-generating. People go into business to do what they love, what they are good at. Not paperwork behind the scenes. We want to take away those hours (approx. 4 hours per week) and give them back- giving business owners time to do what they love- their job.

At jobmate, our mission is to create a business advantage for SME’s to compete and manage their operational and admin functions more effectively. Create quotes and invoices, track inventory, and even share work with subcontractors on jobs. jobmate allows users to step away from the paperwork, and do what they do best.

Oh, and speaking of paperwork? Save time, money, and the environment. Ditch the paperwork, and go digital. jobmate seamlessly integrates with your diary, sends PDF quotes and invoices direct to your clients, and can produce digital reports at a click of a button.

We would love you to join us ‘mates as an investor, simply head over to where you can invest from as little as £10.35p Setting up your investment account can take up to 15 minutes however, we can provide support if required (capital at risk).